PRERANA, meaning inspirations, has been an apt name if one looks back at its genesis and eventful journey! Dreamed and conceptualized by a few alumni of the Delhi School of Social Work with no means or resources, PRERANA has covered miles since its inception in 1976, and is now considered one of the pioneer non-governmental organizations (NGO) of India.
Overcoming all challenges and constraints, PRERANA is now known for its multi-sector expertise and its governance practices, which are based on the principles of transparency and accountability.

The journey

PRERANA started work with the Integrated Community-based Health Project in one peri-urban low-cost area inhabited by poor migrant communities. Today, PRERANA works directly in six villages (peri-urban) in South Delhi, reaching out to about two hundred thousands families and touching lives of approximately 0.15 million people.

Services under the integrated project included field based interventions with a focus on Reproductive and Child Health, antenatal and postnatal care, early childhood care and interventions, distribution of non-clinical family planning services; community based training and capacity building and advocacy for utilization of services for children’s and women’s health.

The extensive service outreach work and community capacity building activities during field based interventions provided a ready ground to expand in the program area of adolescent development and life skills education, a need area expressed by women and young girls alike. Issue being, that early marriage, e

arly pregnancy and repeated childbirths robbed young women their life choices and pushed them to traditional homebound roles with limited possibility of economic and community participation in future.

Through its interventions with this particular group, PRERANA has been focusing on empowering adolescents with information and knowledge, to enable them to take informed decisions, by creating a conducive environment of dignity and opportunities.

Through partners, PRERANA has by now also established its professional presence in various states of India.

PRERANA during this long journey has been successful in getting increasing acknowledgement and won confidence of many national international and UN development organizations (donors). It has been working in partnership and support from such Donors. These are, to name a few, USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNIFEM, CEDPA, CARE India, State Government of Delhi, Indian Government etc

PRERANA today is an acknowledged Resource Institution for

  • Training and capacity building of NGOs
  • Development of IEC material on Maternal and Child health
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and counseling
  • Adolescent issues and reproductive and child health
  • Development Consultancy